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Saddles and Side-by-Sides

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In search of wild birds and the Western frontier at Oregon’s Ruggs Ranch. ...What is guaranteed is a grand adventure, and an experience as close as it gets to capturing the spirit of the Western ...


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Writer and photographer Roger Catchpole captured this image of two male Hungarian partridge on a fence post near Livingston, Montana, this past fall while hunting with Covey Rise columnist Ben O. Will...

Stealthy Ghosts

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Judy Balog, who owns and runs Silvershot Weimaraners in Michigan with Jerry Gertiser, has owned Weimaraners for more than 20 years....

Bertuzzi Gullwings

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Bertuzzi shotguns have the unique design characteristic of ali di gabbiano, Italian for “the wings of a gull” as the sideplates spring outward like wings, revealing the lockwork inside. ...

Remote and Rugged Beauty

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Castle Valley Outdoors is a three-hour drive from Salt Lake City. The property covers 14,000 acres with 11 miles of Muddy Creek river bottom. Wild coveys of gambel’s quail live in the sloped terrain...

Driven to Perfection

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As always, a team of eight guns was shooting four, 400-bird days, with each day consisting of three to four drives on some of the most renowned high pheasant and partridge shooting estates in the UK. ...

Upland Kentucky

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On the ground next to my spent 20-gauge hull was a shard of coal. It wasn’t a large piece, but its depth of blackness stood out so prominently amongst the......

At a Water Hole

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The dirt road took us 30 miles from the highway, around a mountain, through a large basin, and then up to a long, treeless plateau. A cloud of dust billowed......

A Ferrari for the Family

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An excerpt…To test the Ferrari FF’s versatility, last fall we drove one across rural northern New England, from the Maine coast over New Hampshire’s White Mountains and Vermont’s Green Mountai...