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Covey Rise On Point Holiday Gift Guide: For the Dog Lover



Upland & Downstream William Coupler

What’s better than hunting with one dog? Hunting with two, of course. This new coupler makes it easier to hold and handle two dogs with one hand and one lead. It comes with American bridle leather folded over an O-ring with two scissor-snap closures. Coupler measures 24 inches from end to end.


Upland & Downstream Wynland Wax

Cotton Dog Lead

Leather dog leads are a must on any adventure with a bird dog, and with high-quality leather and scissor-snap enclosures, this one is tough, durable, and long-lasting. This lead measures 48 inches long and is perfect in the field or on a walk around the neighborhood.


Yeti Boomer 8 Dog Bowl

Meet Boomer, a dog bowl designed to bring Yeti quality and performance for your canine friend. The bowl holds eight cups of water or food and is built with double walled, non-insulated, stainless steel for durability. Dishwasher safe.


Uplander 1875

This programmable transmitter controls a compact, waterproof collar receiver and at the same time remotely operates a rugged, waterproof, audible beeper. The collar beeps every second when your dog is on point, allowing you to find your dog pointing birds in heavy cover. Other features include 7 stimulation levels (7 each continuous or momentary) and the option to train with vibration or tone. The transmitter can control up to three dogs at once and charges in only 2 hours.


Orvis Cargo Hose-Off Travel Bed

This comfortable, easy-care travel dog bed that’s sized to fit all standard cargo areas, has ample 1½”-thick padding that’s cushy, yet leaves headroom for larger dogs. A layer of polyester batting helps maintain shape and keep it low-profile.


Coyote Pro Trainer Belt

Carry everything you need for pro-style dog training without the hassle of dragging a duffel bag or stuffing your pockets to the max. Made of handsome chestnut English Bridle leather, this 2-1/4” belt uses a unique anchoring system to attach accessories. This belt comes standard with a utility pouch, snap-bolt attachment, check cord, o-ring attachment, and water bottle holster.

Starting at $199

Training Bird Dogs

With Ronnie Smith Kennels

Trainers, owners, and dog handlers will learn the most refined and proven methodology for training pointing dogs from Ronnie Smith Kennels, a renowned family operation with two generations of training experience. Designed by Covey Rise.


Gunner Kennels

A prized hunting partner deserves a safe and secure home on the road. The Gunner Kennel is that refuge. With pins for safety straps, nonskid rubber feet on the bottom, and double-walled rotomolded plastic construction, the kennel is literally bulletproof—the company tested its toughness with the “12-gauge test” and not a pellet penetrated the plastic body. The company says they set out to build “man’s best kennel for man’s best friend.” We think they succeeded. Intermediate and large sizes available.

Starting at $499

Orvis Field Dog First Aid Kit

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your dog’s training. Be prepared to take care of them in an emergency. This kit will help you with everything from porcupine encounters to major injuries. The supplies are separated into two kits, so you can carry the smaller kit in your vest or pack and keep the larger in your vehicle. It is complete with surgical-quality instruments, extensive inventory of bandages and medicinal preps, a mylar emergency blanket, and a 93-page field guide for canine first aid.